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Make These Prophetic Declaration Over Your Life This First Monday in October 2021

Have you ever faced a situation like this with a death sentence or termination of appointment hanging on your neck? God will surely intervene for you and give you a testimony.

Today's lessons focus on obtaining mercy in times of need. Mercy simple means to pardon an offender of law or to show compassion to someone who has trespassed.

Our Bible reading is taken from the book of (Daniel 2:1-23).

Daniel and his fellow Hebrew young men were to be killed like other magicians, sorcerers and astrologers for failing to tell the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar which he forgot and also gave the interpretation. Their colleagues saw such a task as something unheard, yet the king insisted this must be the first ever or else they must die together with their families and their houses burnt down. 

In this Scripture, Daniel went to his house and made the decision known to his brothers that they might seek mercies from the God concerning this secret, so that they might not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon. 

Likewise, the magicians said to the king that only God  could reveal such secrets. So the killing started and Daniel and his brothers were at the verge of being killed. 

In this scripture, God showed Daniel and his brothers mercy at the point of their need. Then the Secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision" (Daniel 2:17-19).

Daniel prayed to God and he answered his prayers and both the dream and the interpretation were revealed to Daniel which the king saw as correct and rewarded them. 

Let's learn from this episode not to trust in our abilities, certificates or experience but in the mercies of God when we are faced with such life or destiny threatening situations. God will in His mercies turn such any ugly situations into amazing situation.

Let's make these prophetic declaration this Month of October.


1. Father, show us mercy and save us from any trials that may come on our ways this new week.

2. Oh God! Help us in all we do and let your mighty hand uphold us in times of troubles.

3. Father! Thank you for answers to all our prayers and we believe in you in Jesus name amen.


Today, there is an exemption plan for God's children. God knows how to deliver His own if only we can trust and obey him.

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