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5 Biggest news stories from WWE SmackDown (July 17, 2020)

From a headliner title clash between Matt Riddle and AJ Styles to Bray Wyatt's outing back to the bog, the current week's release of WWE SmackDown included many differentiating moments.

The Blue brand's return home show a couple of days before The Horror Show at Extreme Rules wasn't the most newsworthy scene as of late, and it additionally had its a lot of high points and low points for the duration of the night. 

Despite the fact that it wasn't exactly evident in those days, Otis and Mandy Rose were indispensable segments of SmackDown, and the show simply doesn't feel the equivalent without them.Which show improved for the current week, RAW or SmackDown? Tell us your considerations in the comments segment below.

Here are the five greatest reports from the current week's scene of WWE SmackDown (July 17, 2020).

#5: Lacey Evans' despicable victory over Naomi led to some outrage on Twitter

Lacey Evans' heel turn was set up through a karaoke contest on a week ago's edition of WWE SmackDown.It appears as though this sudden change will be beneficial for her over the long haul. 

Evans confronted Naomi in a singles rematch, and despite the fact that it finished in a no-contest previously, Evans won as the victor this week.

Lacey tied up Naomi's hair on the ropes and quickly conveyed a Woman's Right for the success when the last liberated herself. The Sassy Southern Belle's push came to the detriment of Naomi, and this prompted #NaomiDeservesBetter trending on Twitter.

The GLOW is effectively one of the most physically capable ladies on WWE SmackDown, and despite the fact that there is potential to develop her as a major star right now, this might be Lacey's chance to make history on the Blue brand.

The Sassy Southern Belle got a push in WWE a while prior, however she wasn't prepared for the spotlight in those days. Be that as it may, things may turn out contrastingly for her this time around.

#4: Matt Riddle got a new rival after facing AJ Styles in a great main event

AJ Styles and Matt Riddle's headliner conflict conveyed as far as in-ring content on the current week's WWE SmackDown. Styles' Intercontinental Title was on the line also, and in spite of the fact that Riddle controlled a large portion of the session, The Phenomenal One's experience won toward the night's end. 

It was after the match when Styles showed up as though he needed to shake his rival's hand, and as them two continued to do likewise, King Corbin meddled and took out his dissatisfactions on Matt Riddle. 

At first, it looked as though Styles needed to step out of his current WWE persona for a piece, however things turned out to be increasingly clear when Corbin entered the scene.

I don't know if Corbin versus Riddle is a program that WWE fans would be acutely interested to watch. Don't get me wrong, King Corbin is one of the most effective heels and he gets individuals to despise the character unfailingly, but that additionally makes it harder for the WWE Universe to constantly invest in his feuds each week.

#3: Cesaro defeated Big E and picked a Tables Match stipulation for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship clash at Extreme Rules

The winner of Cesaro versus Big E had a decision between a Tables Match or a Steel Cage session for The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules.

Before we go any further, I felt anxious to make reference to that the presentation which commenced the previous evening's occasions was a quite inventive undertaking by the SmackDown program.

Comparable to it to see Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura being pushed inside WWE's Tag Team Division, a Tables Match specification is infamous for being hostile to climactic at times.

Why would you not simply book a direct Extreme Rules Match in an occasion which is named, you gotten it, Extreme Rules? Not at all like a Tables Match, publicizing any session with an Extreme Rules specification gives progressively inventive opportunity to WWE entertainers.

Be that as it may, I get it was clear why Cesaro picked a Tables Match rather than the other alternative, (Steel Cage Match) since the prop itself has been a significant part of their ongoing fight.

#2: Asuka was the "mystery" guest on "A Moment of Bliss"

Without a doubt, it was frustrating when Asuka ended up being the unexpected visitor for a profoundly prodded version of "A Moment of Bliss" on WWE SmackDown.

Sure, Asuka is an extraordinary entertainer, however WWE fans were anticipating that it should be somebody who isn't dynamic on the list starting at now. Bayley and Sasha Banks slammed this meeting before it could even start, and before you know it, Asuka and Nikki Cross collaborated against their Extreme Rules adversaries on the current week's WWE SmackDown.

The Role Models scored a modest triumph as Bayley utilized the ropes for an influence pin over Nikki Cross. Later in the night, a disappointed Cross assaulted Bayley, who was standing close by in a behind the stage zone.

After the assault, Sasha Banks prodded one more unpretentious gesture at betraying Bayley. She made sure about Bayley's SmackDown Women's Title and the Champion herself needed to snatch the title from her own best friend.

This wasn't portrayed as explicitly as it sounds, however Sasha and Bayley clearly don't need us to overlook that The Role Models are bound for a great WWE separation soon.

#1: Braun Strowman squashed John Morrison in a way that set him up for a heel turn

In WWE, it isn't new information that "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt can modify or "change" the course of his opponent's characters.

But it feels like Braun Strowan is as of now nearly returning to his "Black Sheep" persona on WWE SmackDown. Not just has he been excessively extraordinary as the Universal Champion as of late, yet we got a brief look at what Strowman could do if Wyatt proves to be the best at Extreme Rules.

On the current week's WWE SmackDown, The Monster Among Men destroyed John Morrison rapidly, and a scary air hung over the Performance Center when The Miz's tag team accomplice was almost stretchered out of the ring.

As Bray Wyatt implied in his promotion, the marsh is intended to represent how obvious evil is covered inside each individual's mind, and there is a piece of Braun Strowman which will consistently be covered inside that place.

The Horror Show at Extreme Rules is the place Braun Strowman may stand up to and conquer his apprehensions, in any case, Strowman's "Black Sheep" past may simply turn into The Monster Among Men's future on WWE SmackDown.

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