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3 reasons why you be drinking enough water everyday

Our body needs special attention for us to survive , water is one the essential classes of food needed in our body. Some of the water required by the body is obtained through food with high water content like milk ,soup , pineapple. During everyday functioning of the body, water lost by body through sweat and urine , which needs to be replaced. Drinking water is the best source of fluid for the body.

This article will enlighten you on 3 reasons why you be drinking enough water everyday.

Source: Science News

1.It boost skin health and beauty: enough water everyday can combat a kind of skin issue including eczema.It does this by helping the digestive system flush out toxins from the body.This, in turn will improve our complexion and glowing skin. Sometimes our skin will swell up , this is because your body is retaining water , because we are dehydrated and our body is protecting us. In order to prevent puffiness and swelling of skin , endeavor to be drinking enough water everyday . 2. It help to reduce risk in developing kidney damage: Water is essential for kidney to function,water in the kidney help to remove waste product in the body , when the kidney is notfunctioning properly that means waste product and excess fluid has build inside the body.Lack drinking enough water everyday can lead to urinary tract infection(UTI), they are common type of infection typically occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra and being to multiply in the bladder,most common urinary tract infections affect the women.

Causes of urinary tract infection are : Lack of intake of fluid Poor personal hygiene Pregnancy Holding of urine Sexual intercourse can also promote to urinary tract infections because bacteria from vagina can enter urethra and causes the infection. To prevent this plenty water should be drink at least 2.5 liters a day.

3. Water help to keep your brain sharp: Water is an essential nutrition in the brain, drinking enough water increases the brain temperature and get rid of toxins and dead in body . When our brains don't receive enough water many negative effect can result such as lack concentration, issue in remembering clearly and headache. By drinking enough water and being hydrated everyday is helping your physical and mental body to be functioning well. Children should be encouraged to drink enough water. As a daily routine after brushing, after playing and at night.

You don't have to drink excess water. Drinking excess water can dilute the salt in your blood there by making you sick.

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