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2023 Presidency: One Thing Northern Elders Forum Said Which The Southern Governors May Not Agree To

As the 2023 presidential election draws near, the issue of zoning has been the centre of attention where the southern governors have repeatedly stressed the need for the next president to emerge from their region.

Photo Credit: Vanguard News (Muhammadu Buhari)

However, this call from the southern governors hasn't been accepted by the North, where they have also reiterated their own stance that they have intent to see the next president of the country emerge from their own region.

Though, these two regions all have one common goal, which is to ensure that the next successor of Muhammadu Buhari is well deserving of leading Nigeria and protecting the lives of people, but there seems to be some things which the two regions may tend to disagree about.

One of such statements with which the southern governors may disagree is the statement made by the Northern elders forum, according to a verified source, where they noted that the north has the majority of the votes and can dominate Nigeria for decades.

Photo Credit: Premium Times Nigeria (Northern Elders Forum)

These southern governors may disagree with this statement because they are aware that Nigeria, being a democratic nation, allows the masses, irrespective of their ethnic group or belief, to decide who their next president should be by casting their votes.

Now, the masses decide who will rule them, not based on where the individual comes from, but rather based on what the candidate can offer to the betterment of the nation.

A candidate may emerge from one side of the region, but may get more votes from the other side of the region, and this will be the only determinant in deciding not only the next person to succeed Muhammadu Buhari, but also in decades to come when choosing the president.

Photo Credit: The Guardian Nigeria (Southern Governors Forum)

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