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2 Things That May Happen As Lagos State Govt Signs Anti-open Grazing Bill Into Law

A recent development report from Sahara Reporters has disclosed how the Lagos State government has just signed the long-anticipated anti-open grazing bill into law.

Photo Credit: Daily Post

Recall that the Southern governors had on May convened a meeting in Lagos state where they raised a communique that the open grazing system should be banned in the whole of the Southern region after September 1sth, which was set as the deadline for Fulani herdsmen who may want to use that very period of grace to vacate their cattle for good.

Photo Credit: Sahara Reporters

Consequently, the Lagos State government has today signed the anti-open grazing bill into law after it got passed by the state's House of Assembly. However, amid the recent development on ground, here are two likely events that might take place considering the fact that the Miyettti Allah has long frowned against the move by the Lagos State government to ban open grazing in the state.

#1: Miyettti Allah may ignore the order.

Recall that the Miyettti Allah group had clearly described the proposed bill to ban open grazing in the Southern region as 'empty and satanic', thus they wouldn't recognize it because there is no way you can take away someone's business and expect them to be happy with you.

Photo Credit: Peoples Gazette

#2: Inflation in the price of a cow.

It's pertinent to recall that the Miyettti Allah group while pleading with the Lagos State government some weeks ago on the implications that may result if Open grazing is banned in Lagos noted that a cow may sell as high as N2 million each, thus causing inflation in the livestock market.

However, now that open grazing has been banned in Lagos, one wouldn't be misunderstood when says that there may be inflation in the price of a cow as earlier speculated by Miyettti Allah.

What are your thoughts?

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