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Meet Iranian 6year old Arat Hosseini who has rock hard abs

Arat Hosseini is an Iranian kid born on the 9th of October, 2013. Arat is a very flexible child.

His father noticed this when he was 7 months old. When his father saw that he had great acrobatic skills, he decided to help and teach him.

Now he is a footballer, an athlete and a gymnast. He has over 2.2 million followers on his Instagram page, arat.gym.

He is known for his special flips and splits at such a young age. The name of his father is Mohammed Hosseini.

When he was young, he could be seen doing some flips. Now he can be seen with six pack abs so tight. He has a great body.

Here are some of his dazzling pics.

He can be seen with his dog.

we can see that he is also handsome.

Take a look at some of his handsome pictures.He also plays football. He can do a lot of skills because he is trying to emulate his mentor "Lionel Messi". In a video, he was seen performing some of his football skills.He has some skills.

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