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4 Parts Of The Body That Is Mostly Affected By Mobile Phones

We cannot deny the fact that mobile phones is one of the most regularly used gadget around the world, following it's varying crucial functions.

Source: The Guardian

Unfortunately, it can have severe effects on certain parts of the body when over used.

Don't forget that "Everything with advantage, also has disadvantages." This video further describes other dangers of mobile phones you might have not noticed.

However, find below some parts of the body that is mostly affected by the regular use of mobile phones.

1. Neck

Bad posture such as bending down for a long time, just to text or browse with our smartphones can strain the neck muscles overtime, which may lead to spasms as this pain radiates to the back, arms and shoulders too.

Source: Spine universe

2. Eye

This is one organ that is mostly exposed to blue light emitted from smartphones screens. Hence, can bring about eye conditions such as eye strain, pain and damage to the cornea etc. Guess many of us have had these symptoms at somepoint.

Source: News Medical

3. Thumbs

One of the major functions of smartphones is "texting" which ranges from respond to chats and drafting messages, which is mainly done with the thumb. However, the regular use of this thumb for this function can bring about conditions like thumb arthritis and 'Trigger Finger Thumb.

Note that the "Trigger Finger Thumb is a condition caused by the inflammation of the tendon, which leaves the thumb or anyother regularly used finger stuck in a bent position and then snaps straight.

Source: Cedars-sinai

4. Skin

Researches shows that smartphones can harbour viruses and bacteria contracted from various places such as toilets, public places, furnitures, etc.

However, when these phones come in contact with our wet skin or face during phone calls can transfer organisms like E. Coli which can make one sick.

Regardless, we have gathered some safety measures on how to prevent some of the effects of mobile phones.

1. Engage in workout routine that stretches the muscles.

Source: Healthline

2. If possible, use alcohol based wipes to thoroughly clean your phones daily.

3. The use of earpiece and other devices for phone calls is adviced.

4. Always maintain good posture if you intend to text or browse with your phone for long.

5. Take a break often and on, just to relax your thumbs, eyes and neck.

6. Stay away from your phone for sometimes if you develop pains in the eyes and more.

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