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Prophet Joshua Iginla Releases New Prophesy About What God Showed Him Would Happen In 2031 To 2036

Prophet Joshua Iginla, a Nigerian cleric, recently shared some new revelations he claimed to have received from the Lord about what will happen during Tinubu's administration. According to him, he saw a creature rising from the sea and trying to tear the flag of Nigeria. This revelation has caused quite a stir in the country as many people are now wondering what it could mean for the future of Nigeria.

In his message, Prophet Joshua Iginla also claimed that Tinubu is not the David of Nigeria and that he saw what will happen in Nigeria come 2031 and 2036. He did not give any further details about what he saw, but his message has sparked a lot of debate among Nigerians. Some people believe that his revelations are true, while others think that he is just trying to gain publicity.

According to him:

"I am going to talk about things that will happen in Nigeria to 2031, and I will also say what will happen in 2036 as the Lord had shown me. People said they have seen the David that will save Nigeria. No, Tinubu is not the David. The David of Nigeria is still in the bush. Even the David himself have not discovered himself. I don't even know who's that David. But his government will birth that David in 2031. In 2036, the David will do as the Lord had ordained him to".

"Remember I had said before that the David who will save Nigeria is still in the bush. Tinubu's government will try their best. A lot of remarkable things will be achieved but it will be very tough for sometimes. Strong criticism will show.

"There are some bad elements that will try to stop his administration with an unknown monster. It will be sponsored by some strongholds because of political ambitions. I saw a creature rising from the sea, trying to tear the flag of Nigeria. But as the creature is trying to tear the flag of Nigeria, the flag still remained intact. It will happen between now and the next 2 years.

"Don't underrate his government because God will use the foolish things of this world to confirm the wisdom of the wise. His government is going to usher in the David that I have being talking about".

Despite the controversy surrounding his message, Prophet Joshua Iginla remains a respected figure in Nigeria. He has a large following and is known for his prophetic messages. Many people believe that he has a direct line to God and that his messages should be taken seriously. Only time will tell whether his latest revelation about the creature rising from the sea will come to pass.

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