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3 Reasons Why You Should not Forget to Add Red Bell Pepper to Your Dishes More Often

Overtime a lot of people have been wondering what's the benefit of adding pepper to their foods when it has a slightly painful taste to the food we eat.

But pepper has a lot of benefits to the body, many of which we don't even notice on a regular basis. Some people have been using pepper almost all their lives but don't know why it is being used.

Well in this article, I am going to be talking about 3 reasons why a person should not forget to add red bell pepper to their dishes more often.

1. It's helps in Boosting the Immune System

Red Bell Pepper has over the years been praised because of it's high level of vitamin C. A powerful Antioxidant that helps in fighting cell damage, boost body immunity and contains anti inflammatory properties.

It is best to use raw red bell pepper than the dried ones as exposure to sunlight and strong heat can adversely affect it's high vitamin C contents.

2. Improves Eye Health

Red Bell Pepper has been proven to contain high amounts of Vitamin A and beta Carotene which is beneficial to eye health and promotes better eye visions.

It also contains high amounts of Magnesium, iron, potassium and Vitamin E which all have a role to play in improving better eye health.

3. It improves skin health

Red bell pepper contains beta Carotene and Vitamin A which has been proven to help in protecting the Body against sun burn, they also help in growth of skin cells and repair.

With this said, it is important that you try adding raw red bell pepper to your food more often but not in excess as almost all foods has disadvantages when abused.

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