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Hope As Protesting Npower Volunteers Meet With Senate President

Since the announcement of sudden disengagement of Batch A and B volunteers by the humanitarian Minister, Hon. Sadiya Farouq, volunteers have been protesting States by States. It was Abuja' volunteers' day yesterday July 16, 2020 and they took their protest to National Assembly.

Hon. Sadiya Farouq had confirmed that the 2016 and 2017 beneficiaries will be exited from the programme June and July 2020 respectively, till this moment, June stipend is yet to be paid, much to the aversion of the Nigerian youths who believe they have given enough and deserve to be made a permanent staff of the government.

Volunteers were with placards with expressions of their feelings. It was reported that the Senate President, Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan addressed the Protesters on behalf of National Assembly members. Reacting to the protesting volunteers, Senate president asked them to come back next week Thursday, July 23, 2020 for table negotiation.

Speaking further, Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan also commended the protesting volunteers for maintaining the rules of social distancing despite their anger, stressing that necessary steps will be taken not to throw them back to the street.

However, that was a very good and wise decisions taken by the gallant volunteers instead of folding their arms and watch as they are being thrown back to the back without fulfilling the promises of enhancement or transition to them.


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