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If Tinubu Cannot Rest In Defence House, How Will He Stay In Aso Rock When He Is President? -Ugwuoke

Dr. Ugwuoke's concerns have been met with mixed reactions from Nigerians on social media. While some individuals agreed with him, stating that it is important for a leader to understand the struggles and needs of his people on a day-to-day basis, others dismissed his concerns, saying that as the president-elect, Tinubu has the right to make his own decisions.

However, Dr. Ugwuoke emphasized that a leader should not only be present but also accountable to his people. He questions if Tinubu has any solid plan for Nigeria and how he intends to carry out such plans if he spends most of his time abroad.

Dr. Ugwuoke also pointed out that Tinubu's lack of presence would be detrimental to the nation, especially in times of emergencies and crises. A leader should be present in times of crisis to understand the problem firsthand and lead the way towards finding a solution.

Nigeria has struggled with leadership issues in the past, with leaders becoming detached from the needs of the people they swore to serve. Dr. Ugwuoke's concerns highlight the need for leaders to be accountable and in touch with the people they govern.

Dr. Ugwuoke's comments highlight the need for Nigerian leaders to be present and accountable to the people they serve. While Tinubu has the right to make his own decisions, it is important for him to understand the struggles of the people he aims to lead.

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