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For Women, 3 Categories Of Native Outfits Specifically Designed For Church Meetings

Church meetings take various forms; they could be in the form of rallies, Thanksgiving services, seminars, ordinations, programs, and training. 

Sometimes these meetings can be organized for women alone, while in some cases, it's a combined meeting for both men and women. However, it's very important for every woman to be meticulous in her way of dressing. Meetings like this usually require native outfits, although you are still free to go with English attire if you wish.

I'll list just three categories of native outfits specifically designed for church meetings:

1. Long gowns: This style of gown will make you look very responsible and decent. Every part of your body will be concealed. You'll receive loads of compliments and praise when you try them out.


2. Tops and wrappers: There are two ways to use this style of dressing. The first way is to wear the top and tie the wrapper around your waist. Then use the extra wrapper as a head wrap, while the second method requires that you use the extra wrapper to place it on your shoulder or your hand.


3. Jackets.


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