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"Fat Girls Rock" - Model Releases Several Photos, As She Narrates Her Experience Growing Up

A popular model and socialite has taken to her popular Facebook group called "match maker" to narrate how she felt growing up as a fat lady and how she came to embrace it.Showmie Thickana

According to the Facebook celebrity, there is nothing wrong with being a fat or plus size lady. She also spoke on her skin colour and body stretch marks which many considered as a turn off.

The model sure knows how to drive her points home, as she did it with pictures to back up her stand that there is nothing wrong with being a fat or plus size lady.

The lady who goes by the celebrity name of Showmie Thickana shares a little of her experience growing up and how she had to deal with body shamers. She also talked about how she has now come to embrace and live every bit of who she currently is.

According to Thickana, in the society where she grew up, things were not really fair to her. She said her society made her to see herself as an ugly person all because of her skin colour and body size.

She said she was considered a dirty girl all because she had stretch marks, her cellulite was seen as unattractive, and they used the word fat on her just to try and reduce her self worth.

She then said grown up now, she has now learnt to embrace and love herself for who she is.

In her words, "I am a true definition of an undiluted African beauty"

She also said she has learnt to draw strength from her imperfect body, as she is the "foundation of home".

She described body shamers as her cup of tea, only that she now drinks champagne. Ending it all, she said "fat girls rock"

Well there you have it. Don't let nobody talk you down or make you feel inferior over your body. You are perfect just the way you are.

Below is a screenshot of her post.

All photos are credited to "Showmie Thickana"

Story source is credited to match maker group.

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