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7 Signs that Your Kidney is Damage

Certain body signs indicate that your kidneys are at risk. Each organ in our body carries out a specific function necessary for our well-being. The urinary system includes the kidneys, organs whose function is to filter the body fluids and remove the toxins from the body

When the kidneys are at risk, the overall health is in danger. For that reason, it is of crucial importance to detect the symptoms that our body shows in order to prevent further damage.

Signs That The Kidney is Damage

1. Swelling.

It is the most common and visible symptom which indicates some serious problem with the kidneys. It occurs because the body retains the excess water causing bloating in the limbs, face and joints.

2. Changes in the urination

Difficulty urinating

Pressure when urinating

Dark color of urine /Pale color of urine

Frequent/ Less frequent urinating

Large / Small amount of urine

Foamy urine

Instant urges of urination

3. Skin Rashes

When the bodily fluids and waste are accumulated in the body, the skin manifests certain changes, looking unhealthy, itchy and with rashes. Using creams and certain cosmetic products won’t help too much since the problem lies in the kidney. So, for that reason a medical check-up is required.

4. Fatigue

The kidneys not only filtrate the blood and remove the waste but produce a hormone, EPO (erythropoietin), which stimulates the production of more red blood cells that bring the oxygen where needed. Unless there isn’t a needed amount of red blood cells, the body will experience fatigue, reflecting on the brain and the muscles as well. Further, this could lead to a serious anemia.

5. Shortness of breath

The insufficient amount of red blood cells could not provide the needed level of oxygen, building up the toxins in the lungs and thus causing difficulty breathing.

6. Metalic taste in the mouth

The high amount of waste in the organism accompanied with improper kidney’s function leads to bed breath and changes in the flavor of the food.

7. Lack of concentration and dizziness

The low amount of oxygen in the brain could not just point out anemia but also an improper function of the kidneys. This would disturb the concentration and focus, make you dizzy and forgetful.

These are symptoms that you should concentrate on the intake of food rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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