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Prayer for forgiveness of Sins

Our heavenly Father is a God of mercy,He is a God that is ever willing to forgive us all our trespasses and sins. For this reason he sent his Son Jesus Christ to come and pay the ultimate price for our salvation. Jesus became sin, that we may become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I Corinthians 5:21.

Who Is Qualified To Pray This Prayers?

Every sinner is qualified to pray this prayer. Also every believer who is struggling with sin is qualified to pray this prayer. Its important you know that as a Christian God is not mad at you because of your sins, he will never stop loving you, however, He is not happy to see what sin is doing to your body physically, spiritually and emotionally. God hates sin, but He loves the sinner. I encourage you to pray this prayers with understanding, so you can be free from sin and sin consciousness.

28 Prayer points of forgiveness of sins

1).Oh Lord, forgive me today and set my heart free from all fears and doubt’s because of my iniquities in Jesus name.

2). Oh Lord! help me to rebuke the power of sin in my life before it expose me openly in Jesus name.

3). Oh Lord, forgive me in any way I trespassed against your commandment that leads to defeat in my life in Jesus name.

4). Oh Lord! Let your mercy prevail over your judgment in my life in Jesus name.

5). Oh Lord, In humility, I turn from my wicked ways today, forgive me and heal my land in Jesus name.

6). Oh Lord! Show me your unconditional mercy, do not let sin drag me into self destruction in Jesus name.

7). Oh Lord forgive me for all the evil deeds carried out by my hands in Jesus name.

8). Oh Lord, have pity on me for my sins, do not let the consequences of my past sins overwhelm me in Jesus name.

9). Oh Lord, By the blood of your Son Jesus Christ, consume all sins in my life that go contrary against the laws of God in Jesus name.

10). Oh Lord, I reject every evil thoughts and desires that lives in me today,i cleanse my heart with the blood of Jesus and the word of God in Jesus name.

11). Oh Lord, let every addiction of the sins of my youth that is still tormenting me today come to an end today, give me a new page so that my past will not continue to haunt me in Jesus


12).Oh Lord that is full of grace and mercy, pardon all my sins so that I will see your face today in Jesus name.

13). Oh Lord, let your mercy cover up my sins today and forever in Jesus name.

14).Father, i come against every evil spirit of deceit that bring iniquity into my life, let them be destroyed today in Jesus name

15). Oh Lord, save me from every iniquity in my life that make me rise and fall in Jesus name.

16). Oh Lord, every work of iniquity in my life that will bring me back to the world I destroy them in the name of Jesus.

17). Oh Lord, let me receive your thorough cleansing by your Blood from all my sins today so that I will be victorious in my prayers in Jesus name.

18). Oh Lord, deliver me from the spirit of lying in Jesus name.

19). Oh Lord, deliver me from the sin of fornication in Jesus name.

20). Oh Lord deliver me from the sin of the lust of the eyes in Jesus name.

21). Lord, forgive my sins today so that I will be preserved from all wickedness in Jesus name.

22). Oh Lord, erase all mark of iniquity away from my life in Je￾sus name

23). Oh Lord, let the lot of sinners not be my portion in Jesus name.

24). Oh Lord, because I am now a new creation, do not judge me according to all my sins today in Jesus name.

25). Oh Lord, because you have power to forgive sins on earth, forgive me today and grant me my needs in Jesus name.

26).Oh Lord, plead my cause and do not let man prevail over me because of my sins into my life in Jesus name.

27). As a faithful and just God, forgive all my sins as I confess them today in Jesus name.

28). Father thank you for forgiving me all my sins in Jesus name.

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