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7 Helpful Tips On How To Get An Hour Glass Figure

We all wish to have an hour glass figure, so we can look super cute in our outfits, an hour glass figure is great for any outfit we wish to wear, some of us struggle with difficulties in getting that hour glass figure, well no need to sweat, here are a few effective tips on how to get an hour glass figure.


The best path to an hour glass figure is exercise, there are some specific strength training, that will help define your shoulders, tighten your core, and boost the look of your backside to get that hour glass figure, they include.

1. Lunges

Lunges are great for building up a strong lower body.

2. Fire hydrant

Fire hydrants are great for our hips, they are hips builder. 

3. Wall pushups

This help give you a defined shoulder.

4. Planks 

This exercise help trim your waist line

5. Yoga

When it comes to whittling down your waist, yoga is the best, without a diet or whatever, yoga helps in reducing fats around our waist. Diet

The right exercise goes with the right diet, if you opt for an hour glass figure, you must be ready to change your diet, irrespective of what you prefer, here are some helpful tips on what to do

6. Avoid highly processed food.

Focus more on vegetables, proteins and whole grains

7. Eat healthy fats 

Healthy fats like the ones found in olive oil, avocados and eggs are super helpful in building up our lower body, thus helpful in getting an hour glass figure.

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