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Five Common Wristwatches Among Classy Men

A wristwatch is a bold expression of class and elegance. Although a minor accessory, a wristwatch can make or break your outfit. The best wristwatches are sophisticated and flexible. It is not enough to have an expansive archive of wristwatches. Knowing the different types of wristwatches and their suitable occasion will ensure you don’t underdress yourself.

If you are not sure of the suitable wristwatch for that special outfit, this article will show you simple ways to choose the right watch for you.

1. Dress wristwatches

A dress wristwatch is the simplest and modest of all watches. It features a plain face and an alligator leather strap with no elaborate features. Most dress watches are for formal occasions where you need to wear a suit or corporate style. A typical dress watch measures about 35mm.

2. Field wristwatches

Field wristwatches are military watches created during WWII. It’s probably why they are called rugged and functional. Their sizes vary from small to medium with leather or khaki strap and bold Arabic numbers. 

3. Dive wristwatches

As the name implies, dive watches are for diving in deep water. They feature medium size faces, metal straps with bold Arabic numbers. Some dive wristwatches may include date features.

4. Driving/Racing wristwatches

You should wear a driver's watch when you operate a vehicle. Given that they are designed for drivers to check the time without distraction, a typical driver's wristwatch features flashy hues and clear and bold written numbers with a leather strap.

5. Pilot wristwatches

The pilot watch comes in medium or large sizes. Other features include legible numbers, a date, chronograph with a leather strap.

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