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VIDEO: Reactions As LP Fractional Chairman, Lamidi Apapa is Booed & Chased Out of Court in Abuja

Lamidi Apapa, the factional leader of the Labour Party, faced a chorus of boos from a crowd gathered outside the Appeal Court in Abuja on Wednesday, where the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal was taking place.

As Apapa's supporters escorted him away from the opposing faction, who were shouting "Ole" (meaning thief) and "Imposter" among other insults, tensions escalated. The police formed a barricade to protect Apapa from the clash that ensued between the warring LP factions.

The commotion unfolded shortly after journalists attempted to interview Apapa, but were met with resistance from the opposing faction embroiled in the LP leadership crisis.

Sources indicate that the discord between the two factions had been brewing prior to the tribunal's resumption of proceedings.

The news headline has generated mixed reactions among the Facebook users. Kindly read some of the reactions from Nigerians that commented below the news on Facebook:

There is no crisis in LP. It is still APC and their evil cohorts attempting to their stolen mandate. It is the life of Nigeria that is on the line. Our feet are tired.

A man that can’t direct the affairs of his party…. Making a mess of themselves at the court wants to preside over the country.

Shame on Obidiots, Chief Lamidi Apapa is the National Chairman of the Labour Party

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Sources: Punch Newspaper


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