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I See 3 Things That Will Happen To Putin If He Doesn't Stop The War In Ukraine-Primate Ayodele

The founder and General Overseer of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, in a recent video on his Church's Tiktok page, shared a message with the public.

While Speaking The Cleric Reportedly stated that "This is a prophetic message from God to the whole world. On this note, I want the world to listen to me very carefully today that Putin should stop the war in Ukraine. Else, I See 3 Things That Will Happen To him If He Doesn't Stop The War In Ukraine. 1. It is either they assassinate him. 2. Or They Bomb him while on his plane. 3. Or He will sleep and never wake up. This is the message from the Lord to him.

Speaking lastly, he said " Even if the whole world leaders plead with him to stop the war, he will never agree until the judgment of God comes upon him.

Watch The TikTok Video Here.

A short clip Video.

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