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Leave Celebrities Alone, Everyone Has A Right To Support Any Candidate Of Their Choice - Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor and film director, Yul Edochie has recently condemned people who drag celebrities, as well as fight each other because of their choice of candidate.

The Nollywood star recalled how Nigerian business magnate, Dangote congratulated the president-elect, Bola Tinubu, and didn't receive reprimands from people, and further stated that it would have been a different story all together if it were to be a celebrity that congratulated Tinubu.

Yul Edochie also addressed the issue of celebrities fighting themselves as well all because of their choice of candidates and further stressed that celebrities should not be at the receiving end for supporting a candidate because they aren't the ones who put Nigeria in it's present state.

He stated that people's choices should be respected as we happen to be practicing democracy. Yul Edochie further added that people support candidates for other reasons which do not include money. According to him, it may be because they believe in the candidate's vision, because the candidate supported them in the past or because they just like the candidate.

Yul Edochie also stressed that celebrities aren't decision makers. So it is a misplaced priority for one to drag celebrities because of the decisions made by those in power. He further urged people to stop fighting each other and learn to co-exist peacefully irrespective of diverse views and choices.

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