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UCL DRAW: Why The UCL Quarter Final & Semi Final Might Be Tougher Than The Final

The UEFA Champions League draw was done today, and many teams already know their fates. Well, recall that Real Madrid has been tipped to win this season's Champions League title, while Napoli has been described as the surprise team of the season. On the other hand, Chelsea will be looking forward to beating Real Madrid this season following last year's disappointments.

Photo: 2022 UEFA Champions League Draw || Twitter

However, note that the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal draw includes; Manchester City VS Bayern Munich, Chelsea VS Real Madrid, Inter Milan VS Benfica, and Napoli VS AC Milan. On the other hand, this article will focus on why the UEFA Champions League quarter-final and semi-final might be tougher than the final this season. Take a look!

Photo: UEFA Champions League Draw || Twitter

1. The Biggest Teams Will Meet In Semi-final and Quarterfinal.

Photo: UEFA Champions League Draw || Twitter

Note that another look at the path to the UEFA Champions League final shows that only one of Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Real Madrid will qualify for the final. This suggests that the most-rated teams will face each in the quarterfinals and Semifinals, and this in turn means that more fans might watch these games than the final itself. On the Other hand, one of Napoli, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Benfica will also make it to the final of this season's Uefa Champion League final. For this reason, the semifinal and Quarterfinal might be tougher than this season's UEFA Champions League final itself.

Photo: UEFA Champions League Draw || Twitter

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