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Foods that cause arthritis when consumed in excess

Based on an article written by Healthline, I will briefly educate you in the paragraphs below on foods that cause arthritis when consumed in excess.

Pain in the fingers and toes is a common symptom of arthritis. Healthline states that arthritis, a condition that causes painful joints, is widespread in both children and adults.

Drugs exist to alleviate the pain of arthritis, but some diets may actually aggravate the condition. Joint pain is often triggered by the inflammation that is caused by certain foods. The following are some food products that may trigger an arthritis flare and should be avoided.

Inflammation in the fatty tissues that surround your joints has been linked to a diet high in animal products such red meat, cheese, and butter. Individuals with preexisting conditions, such as arthritis or cardiovascular disease, are at a higher risk of developing additional symptoms if they continue to use these products.

Certain meals include omega-6 fatty acids, which may trigger a cascade of events leading to joint inflammation. Joint inflammation develops as a result of these pathways. Meat, dairy, and eggs are not included in this category.

If you value your joint health, you should avoid them. Both walnuts and olive oil are a good source of healthy fats. Avoiding fried foods is another good way to cut down on trans fats.

Finally, the chemicals used in the processing of these foods have been linked to inflammation. They don't appear to consume anything containing animal fats, at least not that we know of. Cancer and cardiovascular disease have been related to hydrogenated oil and other pro-inflammatory chemicals.

Trans fats are commonly added to processed foods to extend their shelf life, therefore people with arthritis may want to limit their consumption of these foods. Trans fats are prevalent in fatty foods including fried dishes, baked goods, and popcorn.

Researchers have discovered a correlation between a high-sodium diet like that seen in fast food restaurants and an increased risk of developing arthritis. Although sodium is essential for life, excessive intake has been linked to high blood pressure, stroke, kidney damage, and even bone loss among other health problems (osteoporosis).

Your joints hurt because of the inflammation that excess salt creates.

White flour and processed grains have faster digestion times because they contain less fiber. 

They remove the insides to get at the sugar.

Painful inflammatory disorders like arthritis might develop if your blood sugar levels are too high.

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