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Stop Calling It Pure Water, It's Not Pure, See Why

Every human being needs water to survive, without water there will be no life. In fact you can die faster of thirst than of hunger.

In Nigeria, the most patronized source of water is the popular sachet water commonly called "Pure Water". But according to scientists, pure water does not exist. Therefore if it does not exist, then the popular sachet water is not pure.

Water is a universal solvent, this simply means that water tends to dissolve other substances to itself, and therefore it does not exist in nature in its pure form.

Spring water is considered the cleanest source of water on Earth, and even with it's cleanliness it still contains some impurities.

Rainfall which is also considered a clean source of water is not pure because as it falls it captures particles and minerals in the air and when it hits the ground it picks up minerals from the soil on which it landed.

Water also contains minerals like calcium and magnesium and they play a vital role in the taste of the water. Therefore you can put simply, tasteless water is pure water.

In Summary: No water is 100 percent pure and they contain some minerals that have been dissolved in it during the process of production or storage.

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