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Russian Mercenary Leader Launches Foul-Mouthed Attack on Kremlin Officials in New Video.

(Photo Credit: CNN)

The leader of the Russian private military company Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has released a video in which he launches a profanity-laced tirade against Kremlin officials while standing beside what he claims are the bodies of his mercenaries killed in Ukraine. (CNN)

(Photo Credit: CNN)

In the video posted on social media, Prigozhin calls for more munitions and urges Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed forces Valery Gerasimov to look at the bodies.

He also threatens to withdraw his mercenaries from the eastern city of Bakhmut if they do not receive more munitions to continue fighting.

Prigozhin's forces have played a key role in Russian assaults on Ukrainian territory, and he has often clashed with Putin's generals and other defense officials in Moscow.

He complains in the video about receiving insufficient support from the Kremlin in the fight for Bakhmut.

Prigozhin calls for more ammunition, stating that if they were given the normal amount of ammunition, there would be five times fewer dead.

Prigozhin's outburst against Kremlin officials reveals the tension between him and the Russian government, particularly the military.

Prigozhin is known to have close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his Wagner Group is widely believed to be an instrument of Putin's foreign policy.

However, Prigozhin's relationship with the military has been strained, as he has accused them of not providing sufficient support for his mercenary forces.

His latest video is a clear indication of his frustration with the military's failure to provide adequate ammunition, which he believes would significantly reduce the number of casualties among his men.

Prigozhin's use of expletives and graphic footage of dead bodies is intended to attract attention and put pressure on the military to provide him with the necessary resources to continue the fight.

The video has caused a stir on social media, with many commentators condemning Prigozhin's language and the use of dead bodies for political purposes.

The incident underscores the complexity of the conflict in Ukraine and the involvement of private military companies in it.

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