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The Role Of The Civil Defence In Ensuring Citizens Follow Laid Down Policies Of The Government

This is not the first time that an explosion from gas would be experienced in Lagos, killing people, and with casualties. Explosion has been a very common phenomenon lately in Lagos. This is mostly attributed to the carelessness and the unruly behaviours of some of the citizens. With the way some of the artisans go about their businesses in some quarters of Lagos State, most especially in some of the sections where the way businesses are supposed to be well organized are not. In some instances, apart from the gas, we also do have traders and some other artisans, who daily go about displaying their wares under the dangerous high tension cables. No matter how serious some citizens could be with their daily businesses, the precautions of life and properties must be ensured.

This is where the role of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, are expected to be well expressed. In the case of the Ojekunle street in Ladipo area of Mushin blast, a gas shop is not expected to be within the densely populated Ladipo market, with mechanic shops, that also uses flames at times in their welding works, and some other businesses that are flame related. A gas business outlet should be situated away from where flame related business are sited. It is expected of the Civil Defence forces to always be around these major business places to ensure that businesses are being carried out in a well civilized and organized manner, in order to save life and properties.

Some of these occurrences are avoidable mishaps that ought to have been curtailed be it the necessary law enforcement personnels are attached to the major areas to ensure the free flow of safety conscious environments. sometimes, people would not do the right thing until they are made to do so. We believe this should be an eye opener for a conscious organization of a safe and secured working environment, to be organized by the government, that is safe and well monitored in the future.

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