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Meet The World's Tallest Woman From Turkey

The world's tallest woman is Rumeysa Gelgi from Turkey. She was re-measured this year after being named the world's tallest living female teenager in 2014, at the age of 18. Rumeysa Gelgi stands at 7 feet tall and 0.7 inches.

Gelgi has an extremely rare condition known as Weaver syndrome, which causes accelerated growth amongst other other abnormalities including skeletal maturation. Despite her health issues, Gelgi is positive about the effect of her condition on her life.

Although Gelgi mostly uses a wheelchair, she can use a walker for short periods of time.According to Gelgi, she said that her height makes people intrigued when they pass her on the street, but most people are kind and supportive when they meet her for the first time. She is hoping to raise awareness about rare genetic disorders like Weaver syndrome using her status in the society. Her indomitable spirit has inspired many youngsters and even people older than her.

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