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Why you should date a broke guy

Nowadays, ladies don't want to date broke guys. They think money is love, which I think is wrong. Normally, when money is mixed with love, it makes the relationship more stunning and cool when it comes to the financial aspect. We should change our mentality on this, especially ladies. There is some relationship that has been destroyed even when money is present. So don't think, you'll have a smooth relationship when you don't date broke guys.

Below are some reasons why you should date broke guys:

1. He can pray for you.

A broke guy can use 3 to 5 hours to pray for you. Unlike a rich guy, he is busy spending and showing you his mansions. Everything is not physical, your spiritual life is also important. Whenever a broke guy approaches you, don't turn in him down, look on the brighter side.

2. The conversation.

The benefit of dating a broke guy is that you will always have time to discuss. You can start by talking about his dream. Through this, you'll know if he is serious about his life. After saying his dream, he will make some promises about what he is going to do when his dreams come true. Don't think broke guys won't make it, instead, support them.

3. Competition.

There will be no competition whenever you date a broke guy. You'll hardly see women around him. Unless he looks like Robert Pattinson.

Don't just judge a book by its cover. You don't know what is in the book. You don't know how much he worth in the future. Don't use your husband as a boyfriend and vice versa.

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