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3 things to observe from Prince Kpokpogri's apology to Jane Mena's husband and family

A few days after the issue between Tonto Dikeh and her former lover, Prince Kpokpogri, which later lingered towards popular Instagram dancer, Jane Mena, as Prince Kpokpogri was being mentioned for having her sex tapes, he came out to publicly apologize to Jane Mena, her husband and also her parents for dragging them into the issue.

He stated he's been a family friend to Jane Mena's husband for over 3 years now, and it was an unfortunate incident that his wife was dragged into his issues.

However, 3 things are to be observed from Prince Kpokpogri's apology to the family of the dancer.

He understands the true nature of friendship: 

From his apology, one could tell that he doesn't want to throw away the friendship he's had with the man, over irrelevant issues and thus understood what it's all about, took the blame and decided to make peace. Many could allow pride to overshadow their thinking, but he never did so, but rather sought peace and also to save his friendship.

He's very remorseful: 

One thing is saying you're sorry and another is actually being truly sorry for your actions. What determines that are your actions and spoken words in the process. From his apology, he even extended it to the parents of the lady.

That goes on to say how remorseful he could be and also supports the fact that he's really a close friend to the family.

He could be different from how the media paints him:

One thing is erring someone, and another is opening up to it. The Prince Kpokpogri that many people seem to know on social media is one that's proud, gives points to back up anything he does that many may consider to be abnormal, but here now, the reverse seems to be the case as he seemed different from how he's been known.

We all have this sense of pride in ourselves and also find it difficult to apologise for our vices, and the media makes it even worse. However, if you learn to understand that there's a difference between social media and real life, it can help you go a long way.

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