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3 Foods Women Should Avoid Consuming During Their Period

The menstrual period is when they are a flow of blood from the womb of a woman via her private organ. The period is not easy. They can lead to pain and chronic discomfort in many women. This is why it is pertinent to consume healthily during the period.

Intake of a healthy diet and limiting consumption of certain food go a long way in managing cramps and other symptoms during a woman's period

Some of the foods women should limit during their period include.

1. Coffee

Avoid drinks such as coffee, energy drinks as they can lead to headaches and constipation. It can also trigger digestive issues.

2. Salt and spicy foods

Intake of excess salt leads to water retention that causes bloating during your period. Spicy foods should also be limited since they can upset your stomach and lead to acid reflux.

3. Alcohol

It is bad for women to abuse alcohol during their period. Alcohol has a great impact on the body ranging from a bad hangover to headaches.


Ensure you limit your intake of these 3 things.

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