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University Degree is not An Assurance of Employment for Every Graduates

If you are the type thinking going to college or university and coming out with just good grades will automatically make you successful, then you might be disappointed.

Moral of all this is that college degree is no longer a necessity for employment.The country or the society needs something more than your college degree, we need your skills/ability to do things.

Recently on the newspaper I read that universities don't produce problem solvers. Do you know what university produce? University produces robots and we don't need robot when we do have lot of machines already we need people who can think on their feet not people who go to school coming out with little or no idea on how to practicalize what they have learnt or what they studied.

Millions of University graduates end up in poverty and unemployment years after graduating from their prestigious Universities. On the other hand, people who never went to University and those who didn't finish their college education like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and David Geffen rot in wealth and millions. The question is that; What did they do differently? They were busy making money while the rest of us were busy studying in the College. At the same time, the cost of college has risen ridiculously high. This has risen the question "does college worth it and do the advantage of going to college really outweigh the costs?".

On the other hand are names like Zuckerberg and bill gates who dropped out of college to build their future and empires. Instead of sitting in a classroom, these people decided to practice what really matters. They start their own personal businesses and build immense wealth that people who go through four or five years in college only dream of! If they made it, so can you?

All we need to understand clearly is what college entails, it does not give the students technical knowledge that they need to perform the job and succeed in the job. Therefore, a University or College graduate even after spending years in school has to start at the bottom of the career ladder and work their way up again.

Please don't get wrong, College is very good but it's not a necessity for the dream life you wish to live. So that's why you need skills, these are what would help you in the long run. It would make you stand out from all your colleagues.

Nowadays, companies and industries don't just ask for your certificate or curriculum vitae.They ask you what you can do? They ask for the contributions you can add to their organization.

So if you were asked this what would you show them. Your college A4 paper called certificate? Funny right? 

There are many graduates out there applying for thesame job you are applying for. Some with even better grades or cgpa than you. So why would they choose you over others? 

That's exactly where the power of skills and experience comes into play. What can you offer them that would bring them a tremendous change in their company. 

Sad enough some graduates aren't even good with some little skills like Excel, word and PowerPoint management. And you want to get a job?!! Undergraduates and Graduates should try and develop themselves in terms of skills so as to outshine their colleagues outside in the labour market.

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