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Check Out The Bagger 293, The World's Largest Vehicle Which Requires Five People To Operate.

What is the largest moving vehicle you have ever seen? You might say a crane, ship or even an oil truck transporter. I believe you might have seen a lot of large vehicles, but I bet you have never seen anything like the Bagger 293 the excavator regarded as the world's largest vehicle which is operated by five people.

When you come across vehicles of such size you would begin to wonder how powerful the human mind can be, to me I believe there is nothing the humans can't make. Even in biology we are regarded as the higher animal due to our complex Brain.

Over time engineers have been able to make jam dropping structures all across the globe and the Bagger 293 is definitely not an exception.

The Bagger 293 was built in 1995 by TAKRAF a German industrial company, This monstrous piece of engineering is 738ft in length, 151ft in width, 314ft on height and a staggering 31,300,000 lb in weight which is about 14million kg.

The vehicle holds the record as the largest land vehicle and it is operated by five people, This beast of a vehicle is powered externally by a force source of 16.56megawatts of electricity and are used to dig mines.

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