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Before Killing Our Brother, Our Parents Maltreated Us By Using Shit To Prepare Soup For Us - Victim

A popular Tiktok couple in Ghana, Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita, have been reported by BBC News to have been arrested for allegedly killing their son. Based on reports one of their children who escaped from home revealed in an audio which went viral that before killing their brother, their parents maltreated them by using shit to prepare soup for them. However, he was fortunate to have run away from home a long time ago and he is living with relatives.

Suspects, Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita

According to some people who follow the couple of social media, they believe that they may be mentally unstable which explains how they treated their children and even killed one of them. Upon interview with the mother, Empress Lupita, she revealed that their son was killed because they saw the future that he would be a demon that destroys Ghana. Their 8-year-old child who was fortunate to run away said he could not bear the maltreatment.

He said, "Before killing our brother our parents maltreated us. They were using shit to prepare soup for us to eat and I had to run away. Now I'm staying with relatives".

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