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Ladies, Here Are Some Native Outfits Sewn With Two Different Sleeves

Dresses worn by people that have two distinctly different types of sleeves are frequently incredibly stunning and sophisticated. There are a lot of different approaches to the design of your gown, and I'm going to list some of them right here;

- You can design your gown to have both long and short sleeves; incorporating these two distinct sleeve lengths into your gown will help to elevate its overall appearance to one that is exquisite and refined. You are free to design one of the sleeves with a material of your choosing. For example, in the picture below, you can see that one of the sleeves is designed with a white lace material, while the other one is designed with Ankara material. You could use a different material to design the other sleeve.

- One sleeve would be made with a fluffy style, while the other sleeve would be built with a spaghetti strap. This is a look that would be flattering on women of all ages, from teenagers to senior citizens. You may choose to accessories your look with a headwrap crafted from the same fabric that was used in the gown's construction.

You can also sew a gown that has two long sleeves, but the difference would be that you would attach a fluffy design on one of the sleeves just like the one that is shown below. - This is an example of the design that is shown below. The fabric will take on a look that is entirely it's own as a result of this.

While putting together ensembles that have two distinct sets of sleeves, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, and some of those things are as follows:

The components that will go into the making of the two distinct sleeves need to be compatible with one another in terms of the materials that are employed. You need to also make sure that the two different sleeve designs match each other. For example, the short and fluffy design will look good together just like the one that is shown in the images.

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