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God Doesn't Need To Be Shouted At Before He Hears Your Prayers, He Only Listens To Your Faith- Reno

Many people are fond of shouting when they are praying to God especially we Africans bit does that means our prayers are going to be answered by him? If you're a sinner, no matter how you make noise, there's a good probability that your prayer isn't going to be answered.

According to Reno Omokri, God is a good listener and you shouldn't talk to him like you talk to men. He doesn't need to be shouted at before he hears your prayers.

Go to any African home today and try to organize a prayer, the next thing you'll hear from them is noise while praying. You might even be scolded for not making noise enough while praying.

Mr Omokri added that although there's nothing wrong with shouting during a prayer session. Whether you shout or whisper is immaterial. The only thing God listens to is your faith. Hannah whispered to the Lord while praying yet her prayers were answered.

Below are the replies Mr Omokri got from this tweet.

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