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Take A Minute To Say This Powerful Prayer Today; 23-04-2021, For Financial Blessings From Above

The word of God is a perfect message to believers, it contains everything we need to succeed in this world.

God has promised to provide for all our needs, all we have to do is come to him in prayer. Prayer is the fastest and only way to communicate to our God, the need for prayer to a believer can never be exaggerated.

While Jesus; our role model was on Earth, he prayed to the Father before he did everything. This is a clear sign that prayer is a necessity and we must engage in it at all times.

Today 23-04-2021, take a minute to say this powerful prayer for financial blessings from God.

"Father Lord, I come to you with a thankful heart, I thank for the gift of life, for your provision and protection. Lord God, am crying on to you today, Father prove yourself in my life, provide my needs, bless me financially, that I may be satisfied, In Jesus Name Amen!"

Please Share This To All Your Friends!! Remain blessed.

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