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Say These Prayers For Divine Riches, Wealth & Financial Breakthrough From God

Have you been recently afflicted with poverty and penury? It is not the wish of God but The Devil's. However, it is good you understand this earlier and fight the devil because he does not want anything good for you. Keep your mind positive, work hard, pray hard and you will overcome poverty. The Lord has big plans for you but you need to live for him. So this prayers for divine riches wealth and financial breakthrough from God

Heavenly Father, we are tired of poverty and Penury and we want you to change our story Lord

Lord, we are tired of financial mediocrity and we want you to take it away from all our lives Lord

We are tired of not being able to spend money the way we want and we need a change of name Lord

Lord we ask that you deliver us from every spirit of poverty and anyway in the name of Jesus

As you bless the children of Israel, please bless with your riches Lord in the name of Jesus

Provide money for us and every member of our family Lord

Divine riches from above, please grant unto us Lord

Divine wealth from above please grant unto us Lord

Grant us financial breakthrough in our families in the mighty name of Jesus

Provide for us all we need and desire in the mighty name of Jesus

As you bless Solomon please bless us Lord

Make millionaires and billionaires in the mighty name of Jesus

We don't want to be poor Lord because you have promised us riches and wealth, grant them unto us now in the mighty name of Jesus

Help ua to use what you give us to serve you to the end

Thank you for answering our prayers

In Jesus name we pray


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