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Compensate Me By Supporting Iyan Zazzau To Become Speaker - El-Rufai Begs Tinubu

Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai of Kaduna State urged President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu to support the election of Hon. Abbas Tajudeen, the Iyan Zazzau, as the next Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, prior to the June 2023 inauguration of the 10th National Assembly.

Hon. Tajudeen, of the All Progressives Congress, is the chairman of the House Committee on Land Transport and represents the Zaria Federal Constituency. In a speech to party supporters in Zaria, Governor El-Rufai expressed his desire for Hon. Tajudeen to occupy the top seat in the House of Representatives.

"We praise God that our representative in the House of Representatives from Zaria, Iyan Zazzau, won the election." The majority of you have been sending us messages, and we have been reading them and will continue to do so. "Finally, I had planned to travel to Lagos and meet with Asiwaju regarding the Speaker yesterday. He stated that he will arrive in Abuja today."

But the most essential thing I will ask of him, if in any way I contributed to his victory in the election, is that Iyan Zazzau be elected Speaker." "I am incredibly grateful for your support of him as a candidate. This is due to the fact that if you had opted not to vote for him, we would not be assembled here. Alhamdulillahi," he said.

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