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Opinion: What May Later Happen To The Angry Vipers If They Continue In Their Destructive Ways

Some masked gunmen shared a viral video online many hours ago, issuing threats to different categories of people in government. The men who had their faces covered and chanting war songs threatened that they want Nnamdi Kanu to be released in the next 21 days or some people will suffer for it.

First, the security agencies should take this threat serious because this is not the first time threats like this have been made by unknown gunmen. Before these men who parade themselves as Angry Vipers showed up, we have seen the rising of armed groups like Eastern Security Network and the Biafran National Guard, all of which later fell. However, we must not forget that before these groups were brought down, they had committed some levels of atrocities in the South East.

However, there are possible things that may happen if the Angry vipers decide to continue in their destructive ways. Firstly, we are all aware that the Nigerian Army is strong enough to tackle any armed group in Nigeria, the reason why groups like ESN and BNG were neutralised. Clearly, some gunmen of the angry vipers may lose their lives and several others arrested if they continue with their uncultured campaign.

The Nigerian Army has done it several times in the past, and they will still do it again because the weapons are available to tackle any insurgency in Nigeria. In my opinion, it would be a wise move, if these unknown gunmen lay down their weapons and continue their normal lives because when the Nigerian Army decided to come after them, some of them will definitely lose their lives.

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