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Rivers State Ritual Killing: Things Parents And Guardians Can Do To Protect Kids From Ritualists

Two suspects have been arrested by the police for their alleged involvement in the killing of a 10-year-old boy identified as Destiny Peter. The two suspects allegedly killed the boy in the Azumini community, Isiokpo, in the Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State. The headless body of the boy was found in a bush in the community. The boy who was staying with his aunt whom he has been staying with since he was 3 years old was lured by the suspects into a nearby bush and was beheaded. The boy's aunt who is known as Victory Johnson was not around when the boy went missing.

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Following the death of 10-year-old Destiny Peter, parents and Guardians must do the following things to safeguard their children against the wicked eyes of ritualists:

1. Parents And Guardians Must Make Sure That They Do Not Leave Kids Alone In The House:

It is a known fact that ritualists prefer to target children that are home alone with no elder looking after them. Parents and Guardians must make arrangements to leave their children or wards in the hands of an elderly person before leaving the house. In some instances, parents and guardians can't always take kids along with them everywhere they are going to so they tend to leave them at home with the thought that nothing bad happens in the area and kids are safe. However, with the rate of killings in our communities these days, parents and guardians must always make sure that they take their kids to the house of their neighbors whenever they are going out to prevent leaving the child alone without supervision.

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2. Parents And Guardians Must Remind Kids Of The Need To Stay Indoors Whenever They Are Home Alone:

In a situation where there is no one to leave the child in his or her care while a parent or guardian goes out, parents or guardians need to remind their children of the need to remain indoors until the parents of guardian return home. Kids will always want to be outdoors and run around the streets with friends and playmates. However, Nigerian communities are not as safe as before and the need for parents and guardians to always instruct kids to remain indoors anytime they are left at home alone has become very important. If a child must play outside, he or she must be supervised by an elderly person so that ritualists won't prey on them.

3. Parents And Guardians Must Instruct Kids To Stop Answering Strangers Or Stop Going On Errands For People When The Parents Or Guardians Are Not Around To Keep An Eye On Them:

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It has become important for parents and guardians to tell kids of the need to stop answering the calls of strangers. Whenever parents are not at home to take note of who calls their kids, the dangers of the kid getting into the hands of evildoers go higher. Kids need to avoid going on errands for strangers without the supervision of their parents or guardians. Parents should advise kids to avoid going on an errand for anyone who sends them on an errand when the parents or guardians are not at home. Kids can easily be tricked but an elderly person can easily sense when all is not well.

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