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Types of Sweater Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe

Sweaters are wardrobe essentials every stylish man should owne. Aside from being a seasonal cloth, sweaters are symbols of style and class for some men. Well, your sweaters can be more than a warmth provider. When paired appropriately, you can become the center of attraction at events. Unfortunately, many men are still naïve about this unique, sophisticated style. 

1. V-neck sweater

The V-neck sweater has its neck cut into the shape of the letter V. You can wear it alone with any trousers or over a collared shirt with a suit so that it reveals the shirt underneath. That makes it a perfect outfit for an office.

2. Turtlenecks

You can wear your turtleneck with a pair of jeans trousers or chino. Also, you can wear a blazer or sport coat over it to look more formal on a Friday. A turtleneck makes a man look taller and leaner than usual.

3. Crew neck

The crew neck sweater appears to be the most common among all cardigans. It features a round and tight-fitting neck. Like a V-neck, you can wear it with a shirt under a suit jacket. The crew neck appears to be more casual than another sweater. As such, you can't wear it with a tie, except a knitted one.

4. Cardigan jacket 

The cardigan jacket is casual wear that you can drape over your T-shirt or suit.

5. Shawl collar

This sweater has a rolled collar neck that forms a V-shape. Unlike the neck shapes of another sweater, the shawl collar is more relaxed and makes you stand out.

6. Tennis sweater 

The tennis sweater has a deep V-neck with layered trims around the neck and wrists. Pair this sweater with fitted jeans, chino trousers, or you can lay it over your formal wear.

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