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Supreme Court Dismissed PDP & Other Petition, Gives Judicial Approval For The Inauguration of Tinubu

You might find it interesting to know that the electorate of the APC is in a riotous frenzy after the Supreme Court gave its blessing to Bola Ahmed Tinubu's and Kashim Shettima's inaugurations. The Peoples Democratic Party PDP filed a lawsuit on Friday, asking for their exclusion from the 2023 presidential election. The court dismissed the case on Friday.

The Supreme Court dismissed the PDP's lawsuit, finding a glaring lack of merit in the PDP's request for Tinubu and Shettima's disqualification. Justice Adamu Jauro fined the PDP N2 million in the lead judgment for interfering with the internal affairs of the All Progressives Congress during the primary election process and the nomination of its candidates. According to a Daily Post report, Justice Jauro agreed with Tinubu's lawyer, Prince Lateef Fagbemi, SAN, that PDP's interference in APC's activities as a meddling invader and busybody was illegal.

The PDP was denied jurisdiction to file the lawsuit, according to the Apex Court, and the party also failed to provide any evidence that Shettima had employed a double nomination scheme. The PDP's claim that the Vice President-elect received a duplicate nomination was called regrettable and malicious mischief with the intent to mislead the court and the country.

The Supreme Court also agreed with Fagbemi that the PDP must maintain its status as an observer despite its criticisms of the manner in which the APC conducted its primary election and selected its candidates. He declared, "It is abundantly clear that the Appellant (PDP) in the entirety of its position in the instant case, is peeping and poke-nosing into the affairs of another party as a busybody and meddlesome interloper".

According to Daily Post Nigeria, The Supreme Court could have used the PDP's move as leverage to blackmail it, the court determined, because it posted a social media booby trap. It said that this was deeply regrettable, uncalled for, and unjustified.

Source: Daily Post Nigeria

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