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They All Want to be Like You, But They Won't Tell You and That's Okay — Yemi Alade

Johnny crooner has revealed a simple feeling which many people might habor concerning her, as she shared some cute photos of herself with the caption '' They all want to be like you, but won't tell you, and that's okay '' which is only a true feeling of what many people might hold towards her, which is only natural.

It is expected that as a star many people see you as a role model and will want to be just like you, or just have a measure of your success which can be very natural, as a role model that you might be even unintentionally, it is only okay as she has pointed out especially when you have a pedigree of success on the level of Yemi Alade, but while many people look up to you, it is only natural that many of them seem to do it from a distance, that is how life is, as even Yemi Alade might at some point in her life want to be like someone she once looked up to, it is only a natural phase of life which brews something good as long as there is no element of envy or jealousy attached to it.

Yemi Alade, who made the list on her Instagram post followed her wearing such a cute and that befits a star of her status, no wonder she is placed at a point of one of the most successful female musical artists in the Nigerian entertainment industry with over a million subscribers on her YouTube channel, which only goes to show how much people admire her and want to see anything that relates with her in the form of video contents.

Images credit: Yemi Alade Instagram page.

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