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Controversial Reality Tv Star, Angel Smith unfollowed her fellow housemates on social media.

Again, the controversial reality tv star , Angel smith unfollowed her fellow house mates after the just concluded big brother naija show.

viewers are of the opinion that, she must have watched video clips were she was slut shamed by these house mates.

The affected house mates are; Jakie b , Nini and Michael. During the show, Jackie B told jaypaul that Angel hid a shoe she borrowed from her and had refused to return it despite repeated request .

Jakie B also revealed that Angel’s explanation was that she didn’t know where she kept it.she did however, claimed that Angel returned it after several hours.

Michael earlier stated during a conversation with Maria and Pere that, if he wanted he would fu**k the shit of Angel but , doesn’t want to because of her freak and detest her flirtatious lifestyle ,citing more reasons why he can’t date her outside the house

Finally, Nini , Maria and Peace mentioned that, Angel carried herself like a big girl In the house, despite the fact that her downside was so messy, adding that her dirtiness gained her more enemies.

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