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Signs That Show Headache May Be Due to Lack Of Sleep

Adequate sleep is crucial for good health, as it not only helps you feel refreshed but also protects you from various health problems and discomforts. If you're serious about your well-being, it's important to prioritize your sleep quality and quantity.

In this article, based on a publication from Healthline, we'll examine some of the signs that indicate your headaches may be caused by lack of sleep. Research has found a link between insufficient sleep and various types of headaches, such as migraines and tension headaches. So let's explore these signs and learn something new.

What Are the Signs That Your Headache May Be Caused By Lack of Sleep?

1. According to healthline Headache that affects only one side of your head, known as migraines, could be due to lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. If you frequently experience this type of headache and struggle to get enough sleep, you may need to prioritize your sleep quality.

2. Sensitivity to light and sound, along with the headache, could also indicate that your headache is due to poor sleep quality. To prevent this discomfort, aim to improve your sleep quality by getting more rest.

3. Nausea or a general feeling of illness may also be a sign that your headache is caused by lack of sleep. If you frequently experience this symptom, it's a signal to improve your sleep habits.

4. Headache pain that lasts for hours to days, even with pain relief medication, may be a sign of headache caused by lack of sleep. If this symptom persists, you may need to reassess your sleep habits to improve your overall health.

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