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Technology : See The Cars That Can Actually Fly Up Into The Sky

Good day friends, once again you are highly welcomed to my one in a million media. Where you get important info on technology at any given time.

Alright, without wasting much of your time, u will like us to go straight to the point.

Can cars actually fly?

Yes of course, cars can actually fly but not all cars.

Flying cars are actually created in a special way to have some kind of air booed feature with fans and a propellers that can be able to lift the car.

When was the first flying car created?

The fist flying car was created a way back at the 1940's, but to me I don't regardvit as a car because, it looks more like an airplane. See a picture of it let's go over to our main topic.

See the modern flying car

World's first flying car that can transform into a plane in less than a minute and flies along at 100mph

The good news is that, it would soon by produced largely for sales purposes.

Here are some pictures of the flying car

( photos are used for illustration purposes only )

Photo credit : Google

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