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APC Gave Me An Uppercut In My Aspiration To Become The Next Deputy Speaker - Adewunmi Onanuga

Many party leaders and candidates believe they were not included in the decision-making process, which has led them to criticize the ruling All Progressive Congress's zoning plan for the 10th National Assembly's presiding officers. a Representative from the House Adewunmi Onanuga claims that the APC destroyed her chances of becoming the next deputy speaker in the Ikenne/Sagamu North Central Constituency.

She claimed that the party had taken a choice that they were compelled to obey in an interview with Channels Tv News. She thought the party's leadership might have had a rationale for zoning the seats. However, she claimed that before making those choices, they had to have conducted a stronger engagement with the applicant.

In her attempt to become the next deputy speaker, she said, "I was commenting to someone earlier this morning that APC gave me an uppercut in the boxing ring of the 10th Assembly. Sadly, a lot of us are devoted and don't challenge the party's leadership if they have stated that this is the direction they are going in.

We engage them and make an effort to convince them of our views. if this is the course of action the party has chosen. Some of us are forced to follow the party's lead because we have no other option. I can do nothing except give up on my goal. Do I think that what the party did was right? I don't. Am I joyful? I'm not, though. Do I believe I have what it takes to succeed as the House of Representatives' next deputy speaker in the 10th Assembly? I do, of course. However, I believe that the party might have done more to encourage everyone's participation.


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