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People Heard When Tinubu Said He Is Not Owing Me But Did Not Hear Him Say I Should Lobby Him - Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike responded after Bola Tinubu's response to a demand he made during the commissioning of a project in Rivers State went viral.

According to reports, Governor Wike informed Tinubu that his administration had built 12 flyover bridges and that he expected Tinubu to refund the state for the money spent on the projects after he was elected president during a celebration for the opening of a flyover bridge in Rivers. Wike requested anything from Tinubu, but he refused and claimed he owes Wike nothing.

Governor Wike, however, asserted that the section of Tinubu's remarks where he said he owed him (Wike) nothing had been purposefully omitted and that people had instead only chosen to discuss the section where he asked him to lobby on his behalf. The discussion took place at a state banquet held in Tinubu's honour.

Governor Wike reportedly said: "I am not concerned about people who stated Tinubu said he is not owing us, that is 'bad belle'," during his speech at the banquet. If he says anything additional, they won't hear it; they didn't hear him say, "Lobby me," for instance. I don't owe you, but you have to lobby me, said someone once. I won't hear you lobbying me. Therefore, ignore the online conversations.


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