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6 Foods That May Help You Manage Advanced Stage of Diabetes

Due to the harsh economic conditions in our country,many people do not go for medical check ups. For this reason most diabetic patients in Nigeria discover that they have diabetes very late.

That is why the disease appears to be very difficult to manage. Sometimes, before the condition is diagnosed, the patient is already in the final stage. If a person's blood sugar level is already 140 mg/ dl before he discover his condition,it is already very late.

This is because when your fasting blood sugar level becomes 140 mg/ dl, you are fully a diabetic patient. The disease at this point may have begun to show symptoms of advanced stage diabetes.

Well, if your diabetes have begun to show symptoms like too much urination, tingling pains and numbness in the hands and legs or dizziness, it has advanced and should be taken very seriously.

These foods may still help you to manage the condition:

1. Quaker oats.

I personally consider Quaker oats as the best food for diabetes patients. This is because of al carbohydrates,it is the one I know that contains one percent sugar. It is comparable to no other carbohydrates giving food.

It also contains soluble fiber and have the ability to keep you satiated for very long especially if you take it with some hard-boiled eggs.

2. Eggs.

Eggs are super foods that contains almost every thing our body needs in that small pack. It helps to keep somebody satiated for a long time. One habit that every diabetes patient must avoid is eating anyhow and anytime.

Eggs will help you to achieve this, they will also supply you with vitamin B12 which can play a big role in slowing down nerve damage.But eat eggs in moderation, don't exceed two in a day.

3. Beans.

Beans is another superfood that is very good for diabetics. But if you have advanced stage diabetes, beans should be a carbohydrate to you and not proteins, that is you should not add another carbohydrates to your beans instead add proteins and unsaturated fats and vegetables.

4. Vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables are very useful for diabetics. Vegetables can be prepared with olive oil or canola oil and used to make up for our food quantity. Under this condition, you don't eat vegetables only on soups, but with almost every thing you eat.

5. Walnuts.

Nuts are good but walnuts are specifically recommended above others. It has a healthy fats and not very high in calories like cashew nuts.

6. Chicken and fish.

Chicken and fish are two major sources of proteins for people having this condition. This is because they contain mainly unsaturated fats. People having diabetes should understand the role proteins play in your body.

You need more proteins than other people and must incorporate enough of it in your diet.

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