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Abia State: An Oil-Producing State Owing Salaries, You Watch People Die And Become Beggars - Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar, a Nigerian analyst from Kogi State, told the tale of a man who became a commissioner in Kogi State after asking him for money just two weeks before. Atiku recalled the encounter and praised Yahaya Bello, the state's governor, for improving the lives of young people there.

In response, Atiku remarked, "I will give the governor an average rating. In my state, Governor Bello is renowned for inspiring the next generation. He did hire a lot of young people. As we speak, I think back to the instance of a man who pleaded with me for money, only for Governor Bello to name him a commissioner two weeks later. Today, he is a big guy.

"No, this is not how I measure government presence," he continued. Bello's performance cannot be characterized as a failure to protect people and property. I don't say anything because I want people to like me, I say what I know to be truth and I investigate alot of things before I come on air to speak. To answer your questions I will have to be categorical about certain things and to relate to some of these Governors. I will also be calling them by their names as they are. First let me talk about Abia state, Abia state is one of the oil producing state, then Benue state. I want to tell you and to inform Nigerians that teachers have not been paid in Abia state.for atleast 21 months. An oil-producing state owing salaries while people are dying and becoming beggars. He added, "I urge Bawa that there are governors that we will mention by name, and if they are not arrested after handing over on May 29, protests could breakout on the first of June. We cannot let this continue.

Please watch the video below and fast forward to 40:00:

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