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Carbonated Drinks

Why Some Coke Bottles Have Yellow Caps

If you’ve shopped for Coca-Cola recently, you may have noticed that some of the two-liter bottles had yellow caps instead of the usual red.

The new red caps have the names of the drinks printed on them, along with information about whether the drink is sugar free, low sugar, calorie free, low calorie or no caffeine. The new design gives our bottles and cans a more consistent look and feel, and makes it easier for you to see the choices available.

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Passover traditions have important ramifications for some of the world's largest food brands. None other than Coca-Cola has seen its basic recipe changed to accommodate Passover rules about grains, preparation techniques, and other issues. And today, the yellow capped Coke bottles that you might see at your local grocer represent a recipe that's fully compliant with the ancient traditions of Passover.

Photo credit: Coca-Cola

Would Coca-Cola have been as successful had they chosen different colors for their logo? Perhaps. Between 1894 and 1913, free samples of Coca-Cola were distributed to the public.

if it weren’t for the caps, you’d never know there was anything unusual about these bottles.


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